The Chronic Disease Self- Management Education (CDSME) series are evidence- based workshops developed in the 1990’s by the Stanford Center For Research in Patient Education. Considered to be the” gold standard” in self-management education.


CDSME has been proven to significantly help people with chronic diseases.  In conjunction with a provider’s treatment plan, these programs teach participant how to exercise and eat properly, use medications appropriately, problem-solve every day situations, and communicate more effectively with family members and health care providers- all positive life skills to enhance well-being.  These interventions help participants reduce pain, depression, fatigue and frustration; improve mobility and exercise; increase energy; and boost confidence in their ability to manage their condition.


This 6 week program is free and family members are also encourage to sign up to better understand the chronic illness.


Contact Donna Gerstner at LiveWell Finney County at 620-765-1183 for more information.