On March 6, 2019, the Garden City High School Resist Group participated in the Kansas Kicks Butts Day at the Capital. They spent two days working on leadership skills, learning more about the dangers of tobacco and were able to meet with their local state representatives. Resist is a youth-led, statewide movement created to stand up against the tobacco industry’s influence on Kansans. Youth from Garden City was able to meet with others from across Kansas and learned more about implementing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Best Practices for Youth Engagement.

The GCHS Resist group were able to meet with Senator John Doll and Representative John Wheeler. They spoke with them about why there were members of Resist and how they were working with middle school students to learn more about the dangers of vaping and other tobacco products.

During the Spring of 2019, the GCHS Resist Group will be presenting to youth at Horrace Good and Kenneth Henderson about the dangers and consequences of youth tobacco use. They will also be working on Smoke Free Park Education.

Thank you to the Leave a Legacy Foundation for funding their 2019 efforts in Finney County and across Kansas!

Pictured: Jack Koksal, Austin Morren, Senator John Doll, Mariana Macias, Sadia Ahmed, Dezni Ortiz, Alexis Ortiz